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SLEC was founded in 2000 following the merger of several accounting firms, lawyers and business consultants. The firm aims to provide the client with synergistic support in economic-legal and consultancy matters thanks to the professionalism and experience of its staff. The skills gained in the management of assets, contracts and capital investment combined with integrated consultancy have allowed SLEC to become one of the most successful firms in the city of Treviso.

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Accounting Documents

Business management and control consultants

Lawyers in all legal disciplines

Contractual and insolvency consultants

Accounting and tax professionals

Why choose us

30+ years of experience

Qualified professionals

Integrated consultancy in all economic and legal disciplines

More than 400 satisfied customers

Personalized interventions to the customer's needs

Constant updates


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Via Giuseppe e Luigi Olivi 2/e  31100 Treviso 

Via Daniele Manin 28

31015 Conegliano





+39 0422 230575 

+39 0422 234115

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