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The QUICK SCAN is the tool that Argo Consulting uses to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company, through a series of targeted photographs.
The initial interview with the entrepreneur or manager defines the perimeter and focus.

Company processes, daily operational management, people's roles, habits and behaviors are analyzed in detail.

The QUICK SCAN provides a list of concrete suggestions to improve results through the evolution of the organization, working methods and corporate culture.

The QUICK SCAN requires a commitment of resources and little time by the company.

04 Recommendations

At the end of the QUICK SCAN you will have a clear picture of your company in its main elements

Organization - Business Operation - Results- Company Culture and Behaviours 

You will also be provided with Recommendations to improve the current situation.

Quick Scan

Goals and strategy




Through the conversation with the entrepreneur or manager, the recent history of the company is reviewed and its current positioning is clarified. Possible business scenarios, objectives and the strategy to achieve them are shared.




We analyze financial statements and company reports, and we process statistics to identify trends and opportunities.
Together with the top management we run an ad hoc Customer Survey limited to selected customers, to discover consumer's evaluation of the company's products and services

Organizzazione e processi


During team interviews, we map in detail the main business processes such as supply chain, production, sales management, purchasing, project management, identifying the things that work and the critical issues. We evaluate how much these processes support the company's objectives and strategy and. Moreover, through a critical eye outside the company, we verify how these aspects match the objectives.

Cultura d’azienda




Through a Staff Survey, also created ad hoc with the company's top management, we will measure the level of involvement and motivation of people, their experience and their perceptions of corporate functioning.



Our experience

Argo Consulting's consultancy is based on the know-how of its collaborators who, after various experiences in important multinationals throughout Europe, have decided to undertake the activity of consultants in SLEC. Thanks to this element, Argo Consulting identifies the operational problems that companies face on a daily basis. The managerial experience acquired allows SLEC consultants to propose constructive solutions suitable to the company context.

Our mission

The key to Argo Consulting's success is its ability to adapt a big corporate approach in the management of business processes to a local entrepreneurial reality, creating a constructive dialogue between employees and management.

The integrated consultancy between Argo Consulting and the accounting area of SLEC provides the company management with a complete vision on management control, organization and company performance, making it unique in its kind.

Professional areas

  • Corporate strategy review,

  • Performance - organization - corporate culture,

  • Optimization of the supply chain,

  • Continuous improvement/lean management,

  • Management control,

  • Digital consultancy,

  • Talent development – ​​team building – coaching,

  • Generational transition.

Our philosophy

Successful consulting, regardless of the sector, is based on the ability to adapt organizational models to the client's reality.

The analysis of the company climate and the relationship between the various departments constitute the first step of analysis for effective consultancy, to which is added the analysis of performance data and the implementation of a strategic plan dedicated to achieve the corporate targets of short and long term.

Lavorano con noi
The team


Lorenzo Pomini


Lorenzo Pomini began his career at Heineken in 1987 covering various operational roles in the group's plants in the Netherlands and in Italy, in logistics and management control.

After having been appointed director for several plants in Italy and abroad, he takes full responsibility for the Supply Chain and all the production plants of the French branch of the Heineken group. He will later fill the same role for the Greek branch.

In 2010 he was appointed Supply Chain Director for the 14 operating companies in Central-Eastern Europe, and then assumed the role of Global Production Director for the Heineken Group, with more than 200 plants in 4 continents.

In his role, Lorenzo has been a partner of numerous commercial and marketing companies for highly successful Brands in various countries around the world.


Since 2018 Lorenzo has brought his managerial, business management, change and innovation process leader experience to Argo Consulting.

In particular, his managerial sensitivity exercised in different cultures and situations allows him to build an intense collaboration with the entrepreneur, accompanying him to develop the managerial part of his complex role at the top of the company.

Language skills:

Italian, English, French, Dutch, Greek.

_DSC0372 copia.jpg

Renzo Dugo


In 1986, Renzo Dugo graduated with honors in economics and commerce from the University of Venice.

His career began in 1985 as a consultant for North Italy SMEs, and since then, he has continuously expanded his knowledge through various management control masterclasses.

He has gained extensive professional experience by serving as an administrator for enterprises of different kinds. He excels in various areas such as business administration, finance, management control, and contractual negotiation, both domestically and internationally. His extensive background in professional sports, commercial, and industrial sectors has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of business phenomena, as well as exceptional analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Due to his commitment in the field of education, he became a lecturer at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, where he taught courses on balance sheet elements, economic and financial analysis, as well as business economics.

Language skills:

Italian, English, German.

Matteo Pasti

Senior consultant

Matteo Pasti graduated in Applied Engineering Electronics at the University of Padova. Upon starting his career, he became an industrial automation consultant and connected with various businesses involved in manufacturing and production process control. Through these experiences, he has developed strong problem-solving skills that he can apply across various fields.

In 1996, he decided to found Autoexec, to provide companies with turnkey solutions.

Autoexec offers System Integration Services that encompass the entire production process and require advanced skills, including knowledge of industrial control techniques, mathematical modeling, software component architecture, interfacing with management systems, and more.

Regardless of the situation, the ultimate goal is always the same: to find the simplest solution to complex problems.

Recently, in April 2021, Matteo joined Argo Consulting, bringing his valuable experience as a System Integrator.

Language skills:

Italian, English.

CV_Foto (002).jpg

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